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BlueFil® demisters

filter your industrial

processes with our solution

BlueFil® is the leading solution for preventing droplets and chemicals from reaching the outside air. Our experts can develop a concept tailored to your installation that reduces emissions and optimizes chemical processes. Also, our demister is energy-efficient, which means it benefits the environment even more.

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does it work?

Industrial processes can generate droplets and aerosols. To minimize the environmental impact of these processes, it is important to collect as much of these droplets and aerosols as possible and remove them from the gas stream.

With this in mind, we developed BlueFil® - a solution that can be used for various industrial applications. This innovative technology prevents air pollution by filtering out droplets, chemicals and other harmful substances.

Depending on the substances involved, we can develop different versions of this technology using various materials to achieve optimal results. Our experts will advise you, install the desired solution, and prepare your company for a sustainable future.

BlueFil® is the

ultimate solution for:


BlueFil® features a unique pyramid-shaped grid structure. Almost all wires are perpendicular to the gas stream to ensure optimum droplet filtering. The liquid particles stick together, become heavier, and fall out of the air stream, allowing for a smooth and unobstructed flow of treated gas. BlueFil® guarantees the highest efficiency at the lowest possible pressure drop. This low pressure drop saves energy, which is good for the environment and your wallet!


Coalescing is the process of  conjoining smaller particles into a bigger mass, which then can be filtered and separated. The wires in our BlueFil® structure were meticulously woven to achieve this goal. Our products can be used to provide this coalescing process for example in oil and water separating installations or for the removal of very fine aerosols.


BlueFil® media can be applied in scrubbers, used for air pollution control, as packing material. These packing materials enhances an improved contact between liquid and gas phase to stimulate mass transfer. For this, BlueFil® media is extremely effective, especially in horizontal airstream scrubbers. Many times used to recover valuable materials, which then can be prepared to be reused and revalued.


BlueFil® is a coalescing filter also used for oil separators. In a coalescing filter, filter material with a large specific surface area is added to the liquid stream. Small, undissolved particles clump together into larger particles on this surface, which float and can be collected.


grids and frames

Sometimes, a standard solution simply won't do. We can develop custom BlueFil® demisters tailored to your specific needs. No tower is too high and no installation is too large: we have the capacity to develop custom grids and frames in the material that best suits your application.